31 March 2010

fricking beautiful Heels! From the future

wow how stunning......
how hollowing.....
how beautiful.....
how its looks like a living creature.....

the new lady GaGa - Lady GeeGee!

There are no words that can describe this

a bit like if the Grudge lady had sex with a horse

You'd get this

Georgie+James night out with the super heros!


29 March 2010


Elektronik footwear
by Rick Owens
the male answer to McQ's armadillo?
who cares - soooo pretty!

You can buy these pretty pretties from The Corner

26 March 2010

we like this - tefelone gaga

22 March 2010

smile, you have been tango'd +

Of course we forgot to add this
Good ol Snog, Marry, Avoid!
You are not japanese
You are not a girl
This is not the year 2000
Ganguro is o.v.e.r
And accessorising with a gold tie
does not give you the 'Joan Collins'

smile, you have been tango'd

Just like the infamous advert from the 90's,
these people have indeed been tango'd
to the point where they do need a good slap

Sea Hag
Jesus Christ

Roast suckling pig a l 'orange

Oompah Lumpas pose with Stacey Slater
GANGURO was 'sooooooo 2000' bitches

Two vampires and an orange

Our favourite
not quite as orange, but a face to match

What is wrong with these people?
We rarely see anyone like this in London
Where do these people come from?
The Costa del Sol?

find out more
laugh more

21 March 2010

Surprise! KINDER (why we love japan part 17)

Perfume are BACK!

We are so excited!

love love love the girls!

They tell us to go shopping!

"Naturaru ni koishite"
sing it!

KINDER 'surprise'

Jedward are back

the hair is higher

plus all new backing dancers

Why does it remind us of this?

Chitty Chitty Creepy Creepy

20 March 2010

Noah's ark

We love these futuristic animaux from Nacho Gil

19 March 2010

what has Glenn Close got in her mouth?

Glenn! what are you doing?!
thanks to Dlisted

Pet Washing Machine in Japan

You must see this........

click here


We have a lovely visit from MAT and ME last night!
Who run a cool blog covering all aspects of Design around the world!
Please to announce our Debut on MAT and ME!!!!

check their BLOG out here!!!

17 March 2010


You separate
You compost bin
You do plastics/tins/bottles/papers
But do make art with it?
this cool bitch does

recycle bitches
before the planet dies!
and have fun with it!

when babies learn to shoot

"little bobs"
i.e the best painting in the world
at Kingsland Rd 'Waste' market

16 March 2010


Why waste money on "gettin ya nailz don gialis?"

when you can sport these?!
sexy, stylish and a fashion alternative to 'rape spray'

if he tries it..... scratch his little eyes out!

and look good while you do!

Invasion of the pearly-snatchers

We forgot to talk about these pearly beauties
that kept stalking us around and about London Fashion Week

pearly and proud


no amount of waffleknit is hiding THAT

flown the nest

kredit krunch? kakka kakka!

15 March 2010

Maison - Martin - Margiela Line 8

who are you?
where are you?
If we get these shades will we be able to see you?
the shades of truth?

10 March 2010

ZOO playing card!

available here

“What’s inside the cage?”

This colorful and cute playing card is full of excitement of going to a zoo!

Each cards show a different animal and their unique character.

Partial transparency enables extensity in a card

as it pictures the “outside” with the boy peeking into the cage,

and the “inside” with animals carrying on their daily lives.

Not only by playing games but just by looking at it gives you the joy.

and the boy thinks to him self.
what will I find in this cage????
his heart pumping with excitement!!!

please don't feed the animals!


09 March 2010

when wives go AWOL

Poor Georgie

08 March 2010

Georgie+James @ Oscars

here here here
so it's the time of the glory and fame.
it's the time for dress us galore!
and we were invited by Tom Ford to attend the show......( were we????)

Tom Ford looking stunning along side Georgie+James!
Tom Ford is wearing Tom Ford as you can imagine with the floral touch on the lapel
to update his Tux!
Zoe Saldan wearing GIVENCHY
Jake Gyllehall in order to make Burberry Tux!

precious precious precious .....
Gabourey Sidibe is Marchesa Sheath

Magie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Norton
beautiful colour beautifl print beautiful drape
Sandar Bullock my lovely bullock We love her!
She is in a classic oscar look strutting down that red carpet.
wearing Marchesa Sheath!!!!
Charlize Theron is Christian Dior

J-Lo from the block has decided to ditch her image from the bronx and wear couture....
dress from Armani Prive
Purple people eater - 2
Vera Farmiga wears Marchesa Sheath
Richie Richie Nicole Richie
her dress is from Reem Acra and her Clutch is by Judith Leiber

and finally our little SJP!
SJP have gone doe classic CHANEL COUTURE!
yum yum!

Our tummies are all full looking at these beauties....
and Tom seemed very happy have seen us there! :)