26 February 2010

When models demand you cook teppanyaki

"cooking for size zero"

Poor Georgie

when anonymous beefeaters attack

poor georgie

The Mystery Machine

Bringing you the latest pics from the new Scooby Doo Remake

Scooby and the van gets a 'reboot'

25 February 2010

and i think you need to cut your hair !


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Fashion week 15 - Burberry Prorsum AW10/11 -

aviators has flown in to London Fashion Week.
those big lapels have landed in the land of Burberry!
and those zips are remaining with the gathered jersey which started last season!
fem fem fem!

so looks like contrast sleeves is every were!
if you don't have any at home... u must get your scissors out!
chop one sleeve off! and then cut some other sleeve!
You must do this in the dark,,,,
then once you stitched them together it will be a lovely surprise!

Leather and Seep Skin! yum yum!
the double layer lapel in this exaggerated form looks hot!
and the massive stitch on pkts are yum again!
fem mummies wrap Burberry!
pop pop pop pop
the pop col of this season burberry was this!
Burned Canary.......
zippy the zip at waist!

hmmmmmm furrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

you know what....!!??
just got for it is what I can say!
do you agree?
and yes
to show off the Lux feeling what else is there to do so.....
the perfect reflection......

and the Aviators left London Fashion Week and moved on to the world domination.

24 February 2010

Fashion week 14

had a retrospective this season!

very nice presentation in a very nice massive white space!
where loads of mesh metal shaped figures wearing lovely trousers!

We love Brass Instruments.
and all these instruments were covered in fabric.
piece by piece stitched beautifully together.

here is a fabricated saxophone!
and a horn!

the whole of the Aitor's Brass Band!
single file!

love these rib pants!
and ooooooo!
shoe pants! we like!
it's like a Denim factory!
like when they bake denim to crease them!

we are liking this sports gym kinda PE kinda sweatpants with a rubber sole!
and always and always!
love the skull from his Royal College Graduation collection!
ohhhhhh how we wanted this skull.....
and I recall there was a lion head shape hooded jacket at one point------:)

and thank you Mr.Aitor!
We would gratefully accept your skulls!
By next sat? how does that sound to you?

Fashion Week 13

GEORGIEandJAMES get spooooookie!

Basso + Brooke had a party!

so it was dark
so it was fun
so it was packed

oh my dears.....
was a pretty loo.....

and the mysterious lady in Basso+Brooks told us the future....
but since we are from the future we told her future!

Fashion Week 12

just cos we can here is a little sip for you beautiful smelling human beings!

flesh and monochrome tones......
monotone tones.......

Fashion Week 11

very early morning....
9.30 am .....
after our heavy drinking........

Check this out me loves!
This season's first Men's wear show for us!
to start off the Mens fashion week!

so what did we like?
we like the accessories!
in fact they were spanking!

the shoes.... the dr.martins J.W.Anderson-ed out version!


busy busy busy!
Carolyn Massey was on at the same time !dual dual mens mens fashion fashion attack attack!

here is some pics from the show!
sorry for the blur.......
my hands were excited!

and yes we loved this jacket.....
then already you people out there can buy it already!
you can buy it at OKINI!
and yes it is £430!
this was our fave as well!
Knit wear with Chiffon Tee Over it!
looked good my loves!

So we loved the Accessories!

we had a little deeper look to his SS10 collection!

yes everyone!
no likie no lightie!
and in this case it is Yes Lightie!

anyhow back to AW10 collection!
so the best accessories were def the shoes we mentioned first!
and they were like this!
and they came in different cols!
and some of them even had a pink toe!
and red!
and blue!
and and and and and...................

............and and and and and and and .........
you can buy them at OKINI
and you think!

Fashion Week 10

Emma Cook AW10

Fashion Week 9

Basso + Brooke Finale!

and yes we know you like beautiful Prints!
Specially when they are Digital!
we love digital!

views from Georgie+James it is!

Fashion Week 8

We loved this show so much we will be sharing it with you all from where we saw the show.
so in a way you are us for the next few minutes you will become us.
hows that then?
feel the beauty!

Richard Nicoll Finale it is! O yeah!

23 February 2010

fashion week rage


Perfume 約1年振りのNew Singleリリース決定!!

2010/04/14(水) Release!!

初回限定盤(CD+DVD) TKCA-73520 ¥1,300 (tax in)
通常盤(CD) TKCA-73525 ¥1,000(tax in)



Oh yeah - rock on April!

Fashion week 7

Pretty tickets - thank you Chris thank you Bruno!

Basso & Brooke @ Somerset House

Packed. Hot. Buzzin'

Even before the show we were entertained by the paps fighting over the Noisette girl

Then, the show begins!
Beautiful prints, as ever!
A mish-mash up of jewel tones, textures, patterns
exploding over sharp and flowing shapes

Fur collar. the dress....the shoes!!!!
loving the all over bodyknit print, wraptastic

The shoes were fierce! check out those heels!

Loved the little leg of mutton arms on this one, soooo cute!

Le point finale

Lovin' it!
Plus, our own goody goody - Basso'n'Brooke Booze! excellent!