28 December 2009

murakami takashi

so cute! as usual!
although its all the same
you gotta love him!

what a geek become a big star hey?

but it here

but it!

"The Tale of the Christmas Animals"


Once, there was a box.
The box twichted at midnight.
Midnight on Christams Eve.

The box had come from Junzo Terada.

As if at the strike of the bell, the boxeth openeth


And patterns came out,
they spilled out in the initials of the future kings
In punch out cards and envelopes

Individually they were each a cardboard imprint of their future selves

Cock a doodle doo
they cried-eth

And individually they rose, like a phoenix from the ashes

And hopped aboard our tree at this winter time!
Merry Christmas
The ark of the future......two of everything

26 December 2009


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy Shiny New 2010 !
lots of love


Have you been naughty or nice?

23 December 2009

in the doghouse

If it's Christmas, and you are fortunate enough to spend it in Aspen,
what will you get your dog for Christmas?
A simple bone?


Whatever you do, don't eat her porridge!
will not be happy!
GRIZZLY SLUT wears heirloom fur jacket from 'Grandma Freud', loop texture dress from H&M,
shoes by Agent Provocateur, tribal mask and bear companion, presents from the lovers of the slut, hat from lost property

giants or dwarves?

22 December 2009

dwarves or giants?

when nature attacks

Poor Georgie

Georgie wears scarf by Jeremy Scott Couture, hoodie and trainers by Alexander McQueen,
trousers by Uniqlo, shirt by Comme des Garcons, shopper from Studio Ghibli Museum, Japan
Naughty Nara shrine deer wears fur by mother nature

21 December 2009

Andreia Chaves ( it's just so beautiful we don't know what to say )

you know what.....

We love SHOES

and we have seen so much shoes in our time....

however this made us both very excited.................

I mean if we were to be the concrete that we walk on,

and if we were to be the grass that the heels tread on,

We will let the Andreia Chaves's shoes walk over us!


So the first one!
the Invisible Shoes
its so reflective!
and imagine if you were to wear these shoes around your house
and you are trying on all your expensive branded beautiful clothes
since you have to get the perfect look you keep throwing your clothes on the floor
for your servants to pick up!
however if you were to wear these reflective shoes
your beautiful clothes on the floor will
still reflect on the shoes and the garments could live within the heel....
hmmmmm what a fairy tale!
and they look beautiful even in the Natural environment....Wow Wow Wow.
I bed Lady GaGA is wetting her pants.

Then we have the
" Prism Shoes"

So by now you know
We love Sailor Moon
I can so imagine the Sailor Stars rocking these shoes!!!!!
Moon Prism Heel Attack!

" Form and Texture "
you see... as you keep seeing Andreia's work.
it just does not bore us at all!
you know?
you wanna see more and more and you see the "more" and you go ahhhhhh!
these bad girls are a Combo of Leather and Sycamore wood.
If you could walk in these and if they came in Men's design.
We will have them straight away!
I then know that I will def have the coolest pair of shoes on the party circuit!!!

"Velcro Shoe"
I bet Mr.Margiela wish he thought of this one first!

finally we have the
made out of Metal and PVC.
yep they are beautiful but however I would like to see this developed in Bags.... Wallet...
and you know what...
if this could be translated in a nice small key-ring how stunning that could be!
If that happens please can we have one each??? hehehe
love love love it!

Photos by Ian Murphy

It's Xmas and you need to eat Veg!

so all you need is this box
keep all your receipe in this
and when you decided which Veg you want

you just need to pull it out!
ou est la
c'est voila!!

20 December 2009

and if you want to make a NIKE trainers!


Get you r self little big of Bacon.
Little bit of other meat.
stitch it
staple it
and don't forget the Safety Pins!!!!
they are Goths best friend!

How to make a PUMA Tee

So if you wanted to make PUMA DIY shirt .... this is how you do it!


THE KANDY-MAN-KAN wears neon leggings and pink shorts from American Apparel,
socks by Tabio,Neon Pink weighing scale mobility platform from Shinjuku, Japan,
neon multistar tee and vintage replica Jem & the Holograms tee by James Hamilton Butler,
pink neon stretch belt by Alexander McQueen
pink cravat by Libertys, fingerless 80's vintage gloves from Brick Lane Mkt,
headphone visor from Lumine, Japan,diamante brooches by Marjan Pejoski
duck diamante necklace from Butler & Wilson

KREDIT KRUNCH Super Allies! (villain)

"Things are not what they seem"
Listen to the Log Lady if you hear her flapping at your window!
Presenting TWITT-TWOO !
TWITT-TWOO wears dress from topshop boutique, water bottle worn as hat by Habitat,
owl-vision bracelets and necklace from South Africa mud hut, shoes by Kurt Geiger,
watch from Browns, tights by M&S, earrings and nails by Chanel,
patent belt from Twin Peaks
Monkey companion present from Agent Cooper

18 December 2009

Georgie and James work 2006

aint it a little gaga?

there are funny animals around us.... they are so cute!

and they look like this!

she told us her name is
she lost her spikes...... so she is so soft!
she is like a marble and rolls around the shiny floor!
how cute
she is normal
she is just a normal dragon fly

"Meani Duck"
She is not really that good at flying
but she can fly a bit
but she is mean.... the only reason she learned how to fly is to get to other
peoples place to slag them off.

if you see her flying around SHOOT it!
only thing this bird can do is stand.
it can not walk.
so if you have her in your house you will need to feed her do everything for her
rather boring......
however her feathers are the best.
you can sell it and get good a good price
real warm down jacket

mystic Frogarino
she will tell you the furture

green cell
she is a cell
she has wears some heels
she is a tranny cell amiba
she has no feet
so she hovers all the time
but she has a orb in her tummy
again her orb is really rare.
if you could get hold of one please send to
georgie and james
its so lux that orb!
it is a mouse.
however it believes its a lion.
so there you go
just massively confused

16 December 2009

she was a scared swon

would you help her?


15 December 2009


Have you ever seen the film "Spookies"?
Well if not you are missing out, or perhaps you are just missing Halloween.....
anyway just in case we thought you'd appreciate these two paranormal activities

Presenting the BURBERRY GHOSTS!


BURBERRY GHOST FEMME wears dress worn as mystery mask by Burberry Prorsum,
black underlay mac by Burberry London, grey middlemac by Burberry Prorsum,
camel outerwings mac by Burberry London, shoes by Paul Smith, hat by Puma
BURBERRY GHOST HOMME wears mystery mask by Burberry,
inside out bodymac by Burberry Prorsum, black bodysuit worn as skirt jkt by Burberry Prorsum,
leather mac worn as wide belt by Burberry Prorsum, ponyskin shoes & trousers by Paul Smith, Hat by Puma