31 October 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN by GeorgieandJames

In a tale of good
VS evil
Have a GeorgieandJames kinda night!
We are off for a haunted tour around Spoooooky Chiswick in West London, hosted by 'The Count'. We will report on if we see Yvette Fielding and any ghostly apparitions soon!

why Ongina is an influential fashion Icon Part 3.....

We love her,,,,,, she has her own doll.... just like barbie..... just like Jem..... Just like us.......


MR MIAMI VICE wears double layered gentlemans suit from Kingsland Rd, shirt by Comme Des Garcons SHIRT,
shorts by Rudolph Dassler, trainers by PUMA
BET LYNCH GOLDY-LOCKS wears klimt drape top by GeorgieandJames, jeggins by TOPSHOP, Ltd edt Mihara Yasuhiro boots
Sunglasses from Shimo Kitazawa, Tokyo, stylists own

KREDIT KRUNCH Super Allies! (hero)

MISS MOPED rides her vehicle of justice into battle! She wears vintage fur collar bolero, bodycon dress by MeadhamKirchoff

KREDIT KRUNCH Super Allies! (villain)

FOXYFRY wears bodysuit by Louise Goldin, bolero jacket by SteveJ & YoniP, nude belt and heels by Vivienne Westwood, Frisbee hat villains own

29 October 2009


Its the focal point of your town centre in Carlow,Ireland, do you have a waterfall?
no, satans skeletons!

E.T phone home

A wonderful oversized telephone in the lobby
of a funeral home in Japan we stayed in (dont ask)


all neon like

We are loving Francoise Nielly's technocolour paintings!

james bond it aint

ice cream, shaken, not stirred

28 October 2009

Jurassic Lark

What do you have in your garden? plants? pebble bubble fountain?A swing?
No, just some prehistoric beasts!
Not a sniff of Sam Neill or Jeff Goldblum in this garden in Lincolnshire!



It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of the great manga-ka USUI YOSHITO.
Crayon Shin Chan is undoubtedly one of the best things to come out of Japan (like the Simpsons, but Japanese and way way better) and it is a shame there will be no more after so many mangas, tv shows and movies.
If you haven't seen it, get on it!

bug or mug?

Faces? Or insect nightmares? enjoy the trippyness of our drawings!

26 October 2009

dusty + sandy + dirty + arty

choo choo! brilliant sand art from Mark Anderson
this guy likes to draw on dirty cars! brilliant! (until it starts raining )

ha ha halloween ha ha halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, the time when you may get a glimpse of Michael Myers walking around looking for Jamie Lee Curtis, but until the 31st, you will all no doubt, be preparing your PUMPKINS! Here are some corkers to get you going!
"He'll tear your soul apart" pumpkin pinhead
orange peel mummy
pumpkin moon

lovely foods we have eaten

Just along the Strand in London, sits SIMPSONS, where culinary delights await in a taste of old world England. Open since 1828, the grandeur of the oldy-worldy hits you as you settle down for one of their famous roast dinners. The Carver needed tipping, as well as some presentation lessons, but absolutely great tasting roast, perfect for any Sunday now the darkness of Winter is drawing closer.

starter - lobster bisque
then some oysters ( just because )
the main event

Georgie wears shirt by Balenciaga

No wonder Sherlock Holmes, Vincent Van Gogh and many other historical figures have all been (as well as GeorgieandJames) - they even have a picture of vintage Lady Gaga (below)
poker face? roast dinner face

the queen of hearts she made some tarts all on a summers day

love Connie Lim! Beautiful Illustrious playing card artwork!

baby pygmy hedgehog inspired

why carry mace in your bag when you can sport your own self defence?

the artyville horror


hairdo or hairdont?

thats a lot of elnett! although something had to distract from the child on the right and his 'death stare'

shadow casters

a croaking peacock
swan in flight
a jellyfish, or a mushroom?

25 October 2009


ok so before Pop Idol, before Popstars the rivals, before Fame Academy, before the bloody X Factor, there was a show in japan called ASAYAN!
A bit like if you crossed Girls Aloud with the russian roulette of the Sugababes, but on a mass scale, Japan gave birth to MORNING MUSUME!

There have been sooo many 'generations' of musume, all amazing and still with the hits!

the last video is an anniversary hit with ALL the incarnations routining together!
So much better then Bring It ON!


Here we present another CREDIT CRUNCH SUPER VILLAIN!
Mistress Midnight!

Mistress Midnight wears Vintage Kimono Cape from Japan, Arial Hat by Pei Lin Bregazzi, Vintage Dior Clutch, Tiger top from NY Flea market, trousers by Ann Demulemeester, Boots Villains own


We requested, you obliged!
Presenting the new Credit Crunch Super Hero!
Combat Rose wears Grace tee by TOPSHOP, Stockholm Flea market rose jeggings, Preen shoulder top, Peace necklace found on Brooklyn Bridge, Ltd Edt hi tops by PUMA, Visor from Lik+Neon, Period army relief vest from Essex Rd, Flower power from PESH

24 October 2009


saturday night is party night, talk to FRANK

separated at birth 3

above- Jimmy Neutron / Below - Vintage Georgie


Presenting Ms UM JUNG HWA! korean sensation!
Kylie style video - check
Flashing lights - check
Martin Margiela style shoulders and outfit - check
Fabulous - check

tea party

loveliness in the Geffrye Museum, Dalston

woof woof 2!

These toy sculptures are so amazing!

23 October 2009

"it was beyond our control"

picture the scene, its a friday night.....you've cooked and hosted a wonderful dinner party
and all have had the most amazing time, ready to send them on their way to the cab office,
when you open the front door to find this......
social suicide, only in east london!