24 August 2010

eM htiW klaW eriF

Looking at this may make you
want to spill your Garmonbozia all over your shoes

We love Twin Peaks
(We remember hiding behind the sofa when B.O.B came a knockin')
We love embroidery
(so much so one of us did a degree in the fucking thing)

So imagine our pleasure when we stumbled across these!

From one red headed midget to a red headed cyclops
Oh how we loved your super-strength Nadine!
We used to fancy James Hurley,
except thats all over now
once we'd googled the James Hurley of today
and he used to go out with

Who shed tears over Laura in class with

Who tried to co-erce Agent Coop to commit some paedo crimes in his hotel room

Instead of him doing his job chasing down the real paedo

Who was really this LEVIS ad reject / child scarer of 1990

Scary BOB

"it is happening again"

Christ what is up with the LogLady's face?
We imagine her log 'will have something to say about this some day'

We hope she can do some more -
where's Lucy, the receptionist with her ever faboosh cardigan ensemble?
Where's Denise, the pre- X-files tranny?
Where's Maddy? Or Laura?
(or both together as they were both Sheryl Lee anyways)

We hope there's enough canvas in the world
to fit Fat fucking Jacques Renault on one day

And what collection would be complete without Waldo?

Kredit Krunch Katwalk Krew meets.....the public

So for tommorrow night, for one night and one night only

GEORGIEandJAMES will be donning their alter-egos and creating looks

for the unsuspecting public at WHO'S JACK's "JACK COMES ALIVE EVENT"

Get thee down to The Proud Galleries, Camden, London

for an experience you will never forget
(and take home a super rememberence picture)

17 August 2010

13 August 2010

naughty crab......

10 August 2010

the whole shebang! VOICE is out today!

09 August 2010

07 August 2010

"something for the weekend sir?"

O my God

Lets get some hair

Lets get some hair

This HAIR costs $300 dollars HAIR






So whilst we await the atarashi single - VOICE / 575 with much excitedness

We thought we'd have a look at our favourite PERFUME gyaru - NOCCHI!


03 August 2010

"Roy's my family now Frank"

We've always wondered what to get for a tattoo
but have never felt the inspiration hit us

Until we saw THIS


Wanna look like DR ZOIDBERG? well now you can!

30 July 2010

beautiful lights by UVA

The Speed of Light by UVA from yatzer on Vimeo.

check more out


Tapestry Genius - Fredierique Morrel -

We have been talking about making our own POUFS for a while now....
and we have also been talking about getting a pet....
well surprise surprise who would have thought that you could have got both POUF and a PET in one go?
We didn't either..... but now you can!!!!

how wonderful life is now we have these POUFS

love them

share them

sit on them

stroke them

this one below is out FAVE!

you can get human versions as well!
check it out here

28 July 2010

SLing SHot Messaging system



vile.......puke...if someone i knew had nails like this....

unzipping them will not be good enough.....



27 July 2010


please mr LANVIN
We will be a good boys
and we will need these....

thank you again for your generosity.....

Evangelion Sparkles

Our favourite Shogoki has gone and gotten an upgrade, an we dont mean in a 2.22 way

Take that Damian Hirst!

25 July 2010

Just when you want your salt and pepper to look sexy

sometime I may like the salt more than the pepper.....

14 June 2010

Philippe Starck- Lost in translation - BEIJING LAN CLUB -

so we were in Beijing...
so we wanted a lovely dinner....
you look around the net.. you ask your friends where we should go!
We have been to so many Philippe Starck restaurant.
Ones in London... the ones in Paris... and go on and on and on.
Personally love the St. Martins lane hotel, when I first had that fusion oriental food we remember we were so happy... yes we were!!!
( although have not been back there for ages! hehe)
So we found LAN CLUB in beijing.
Thinking we wanna feel like a celebrity!
We wanted to be treated right!
We wanted those beautiful drink!
the beautiful food!
the beautiful people around us!

first we get to this place called the twin towers in Beijing.
the out look fo the building is like errrrrr...... really?
is the Lan Club really in there?
and yes there it was....
on the 4th floor.
you exit the elevator and there you are!
in LAN CLUB....

all nice
it looks like Philippe Starck and feel at home
the entry is cool....

and the displays are all magnificent!
all these antiques that cost millions all over the place!
pretty princess's head gear!
we want one!
we finally sit down after walking through a long long ally....
to find hundreds of paintings on the ceiling...
it was friday night around 8.30pm ...
we were thinking " god ! it's quiet here tonight "
well after I learned I guess it is always quiet here.....

some heads on display as well!
so as i say this is what it looks like on a friday night!
on a supposedly a hip place to eat out in beijing... yep... dead... totally dead...
our living room looks more busy than this on a regular Thursday evening!
hmmmm another empty seat......
with really sad looking people............
( we like happy people and did not see any at all )
on the way to the powder room we found another pretty looking bar.
what a surprise!
no one is here!

the toilet was lovely tho!
well i guess this was the best thing about this "LAN CLUB"
there was a chair next to the bog!
all the toilets are all single room
which is nice!
and the bird washes your hands!
all automatic i say!
( like that is so special ... )

We ordered a drink

Rasberry Mojito was on the menu.
and it was nice.
but you know?
the waitress could not even bring the drink to me.
well actually the drink came to me.
then 2 seconds later another waitress came to our table and took my drink and
placed it in front of our friends......
so I got my drink back then the waitress challenged me saying that that drink was not for me....
hmmmmm wired.....

we wanted to order...
whilst we were trying to order to food suddenly we had about 4-5 waitress around us
taking menu from our table putting new one on....
not sure what the hell was going on to be honest.
after around 15mins or confusion we finally found a "set menu" menu.

so we have ordered an 8 course meal!
just to check out what is this place all about!

first dish!
Spinach with wasabi - was ok!
the thing next to it - you can get the same thing from "EAT" hmmmmm
I cant remember what soup this was
it looks pretty right?
but it was luke warm.
I think it was Spinach and pumpkin?
ying and yan aka chinese style mate!
curry and cheese is on top of this!
this was the only "hot" dish through out the night.....
our friend ordered "SUSHI"
on the menu it had some oysters on.
he is sensitive to Oysters so he asked the waitress where they are from.
They told him that the Oysters are from South Africa, since South Africa is not
exactly that close to Beijing he ordered the Sushi without the Oyster.
So the waitress told him that he will get 4 extra slices of Salmon.
did he get that?
no he didn't.
then he realize that there is no Sushi Ginger!
and as many of you must be the same some people like Sushi ginger.
He ordered Sushi ginger on the side....
and this appeared....
just raw ginger in star shape.
they are cute but they ain't SUSHI GINGER YOU TWATS!
and the waitress were laughing...
yeahhh laugh you idiots!

next dish!

king prawn - was yummy yet still luke warm
whilst I was finishing the above dish...
the waitress or waiter or whoever that was working at the LAN CLUD
brought another dish out.
I have not even finished the last dish.....
W the F F hell?

and some fish in plastic just like some steamed dead body.....

was nice but not fantastic.....
and some beef and spring onion.
again you know?
stir fry is some thing that you stir fry in Hot fire!
i guess they made this on top of a candle...
cos it was cold...
by this time we had few to drink and we were getting rather angry with the food the quality and the service....
it was all
to be honest!

then the final .....


how this made us so angry....

Creme Brulee

from all my experience of Creme Brulee is that the top bit is well caramelized...
it should be hard but...
well look at this.
its like.....
what is this?
just cream with 2cm in the middle burned,
like something you'd buy a pack of 6 of in Iceland.
You know, if we shopped in Iceland.

I called them over at this point and said this is totally wrong wrong wrong.
I would not want to pay for any of this.......
and they smiled at me and said
" thank you for your suggestion"
and walked off!

such a disappointment it was....

and on the way out we found this.

they do happy hour....

well I guess that says it all doesn't it....
(why the two hour happy hour gap? freaks)

yep it does!

not doing well at all.....

bye bye Lan Club we will never see you again!