31 May 2010



Happy Bank Holiday


Georgie wears vintage jacket from thrift store, NYC, tshirt by Hussein Chalayan, sunglasses by Lara Bohinc,
James wears shirt by Blaak,jeans by Hussein Chalayan, sunglasses from Omotesando, Japan

27 May 2010

Beautiful ladies,,, sexy ladies comes along with can of drink!

little bit of Erika in your life
and little bit a sophia in your life!
some no name hotties in your life as well?

and one of my fave is "Georgina"

25 May 2010


did you know that VV brown ...
yes that pretty girl from M+S ads who at the end closes like 8 million doors and walks off nicely..... ( and always we wish we could close the doors like that with a perfect smile)
is a massive COMIC GEEK????
So she has done a colab with a COMIC ARTIST!
so here we go!

this is how it was!
full of mist....
we could not see much in there...
specially we could not see VV brown....
and we went to see the M+S girl!
secretly thinking is she going to be better than Dannii????? hehehe

but we liked the mist...
and the friend that we went together wanted these for his office!
brilliant! :)

little examples of the comic!
and here we are
we are thinking
ts not just food... it is M+S food!
then there she is....
who is that tall pretty girl in the back ground?
is that our M+S girl?
it's not just food VV Brown .... it is M+S VV brown....
can u see her??
another one!
she is a good hugger thats for sure!
her hugs looked well good!
and just to show you the close up of her!
I miss her curly fringe she had tho..... BOOOOOO
and we came home with a secret black bag.
now now now
do not rush through this moment...

we got a comic and a tee shirt!
does anyone want this tee shirt?
if so let us know!
its up side down but you get the gist.
and yes in the comic VV..... our lil VV.... she has the curls!
and yes
there was a happy georgie at the end of the evening in a special helmet.
I think the free drinks has got to me by the end of it!
but hey
life is about enjoying free things isn't it???
ooooo yes it is!
and you can find out more about the comic
by clicking here !!!

Good girls and boys!

love ya!

24 May 2010

UZBEKISTAN - culture

Sorry we haven't blogged for ages dearest readers
but we have been travelling the globe
to bring you sights 'n' delights


We'd been invited by the British Council to go and do some work

to encourage and contemporarise this

and to quell the spread of this


So after much hard effort in 30+ degree heat with no air con,
we managed to steal ourselves away to embrace some culture

and after many wrong turns
we travelled from the capital TASHKENT
to SAMARKAND to see the lovely mosques


i want that on my house entrance

and i want that on my ceiling

all the doors around the mosques were ornately carved

and the locks were so nice
stuff everywhere

the traditional child's cradle - above -
or the 'modern' equivalent -below-

which one for your child? shiny beautiful tradition
or scratchy fluoro netting?

this should be my door knocker, for sure!

more to follow!

UZBEKISTAN - markets

So Uzbek markets are hot, buzzing,
and require good knowledge of the language,
in order to barter the prices down.
Luckily we had an amazing translator
who not only did the yakking, but also did all the buying,
so we paid as close to 'local price' rather than 'extortionate tourist price'
(nothing has a listed price)

beautiful hand embroidered wedding jackets

we are the earth intruders
we are the sharp shooters
looks like Bjork picked up her Volta costumes here

'foreign rugs' - Spiderman, or Marc Almond?

The national mascot - en masse

some lovely brushes nicely displayed

odd plastic money boxes
and some lovely rugs, but alas too heavy to bring back to London!


So in Uzbekistan, they like to eat. and eat alot.
and make their guests eat a shitload.
I dont think ive ever had to knock back an 8 course meal
with only neat vodka.
And then get up and have a 3 course lunch the next day.
My stomach has never felt such endurance testing

The food was different, and tasty
Who would have thought about twinning savory dishes
with apricots, cherries, strawbs and chocolates!?

Here are some of the translated menus available for tourists
(there arent many tourists)

"I will have a herring under fur coat, followed by a lady whim please.
With a side of sissy"

The spice market - itchy nose!

runny eyes

dried ladies selling dried fruits
(it was very warm)

The national dish - PLOV
(horse meat and beef over paella style rice)
(this was forced down me at 9am with a hangover
at a men only wedding celebration/honouring)

Neopolitan ice cream? NO! Neopolitan mustard!
"a salad"

some un-refrigerated meat

some triangular rice with shishlik kebabs

and some radioactive cakes!

Just your typical pre course spread!