24 August 2010

eM htiW klaW eriF

Looking at this may make you
want to spill your Garmonbozia all over your shoes

We love Twin Peaks
(We remember hiding behind the sofa when B.O.B came a knockin')
We love embroidery
(so much so one of us did a degree in the fucking thing)

So imagine our pleasure when we stumbled across these!

From one red headed midget to a red headed cyclops
Oh how we loved your super-strength Nadine!
We used to fancy James Hurley,
except thats all over now
once we'd googled the James Hurley of today
and he used to go out with

Who shed tears over Laura in class with

Who tried to co-erce Agent Coop to commit some paedo crimes in his hotel room

Instead of him doing his job chasing down the real paedo

Who was really this LEVIS ad reject / child scarer of 1990

Scary BOB

"it is happening again"

Christ what is up with the LogLady's face?
We imagine her log 'will have something to say about this some day'

We hope she can do some more -
where's Lucy, the receptionist with her ever faboosh cardigan ensemble?
Where's Denise, the pre- X-files tranny?
Where's Maddy? Or Laura?
(or both together as they were both Sheryl Lee anyways)

We hope there's enough canvas in the world
to fit Fat fucking Jacques Renault on one day

And what collection would be complete without Waldo?


  1. Thanks! I don't know how I didn't see this until now.

  2. This blog is very good ..
    as well as the clothes are very beautiful to look at